Cocoa and temazcal ceremony

Do you want to detoxify your mind, your body and raise the power of your spirit? This is for you. Welcome to the whole family to a safe and reliable space where we will share the cocoa drink in meditation to receive all its benefits and to essence our being through the movement conscious breathing, dance and music.

In the afternoon we enter the mother’s womb, to the steam house to clean body mind, transmuting and reborn a new time, to build the life we long for.

Date: Saturday, May 13.
Time: 10 AM.
Place: vital energy. Pan American Highway north. Carmen de Sidcay.

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May 13, from 10:30 AM to 4 PM. $40,

Carmen de Sidcay Panamericana Norte

Diana Suarez: +593 99 760 3022

City: Cuenca