Recommendation for RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra, massage therapy and facial skin treatment

I have been using Alejandra at RadiantSkin Spa for over three years for mainly massage therapy, and several times for facial treatment. For deep tissue and relaxation massage, and also for targeted therapy for a stubborn neck issue, she is undoubtedly one of the best therapists I’ve ever used.

Resources here in Cuenca come and go, but her business has only expanded, now with a beautiful new location, her own beautiful spa location in a very nice office building in El Vergel. Professional and very pleasant, I cannot say enough in recommendation for her services, communication, and overall business ethic. Contact: e-mail below with appointment request.

Address: Santiago Carrasco 1-66 y Rafael Torres, Cuatro Rios Tecnologias Bulding (behind Clinica Paucarbamba), 1st floor, #102 (buzz in at front door)

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