Davines hair masks in Gracie’s Naturals

Davines “The Circle Chronicles” hair masks are available in Gracie’s Naturals.

*Beauty + Sustainability
*B Corp Certification
*Free of parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, and silicones
*Sustainably packaged
*Resealable and reusable: most people can get at least 2 or 3 uses per pack
*Perfect size for your carry-on luggage

Four different hair masks are:
1. The Wake-Up Circle
*Post stress new energy and volume for hair.
*It improves scalp tone.
*It gives hydration.
*High conditioning power.

2. The Quick Fix Circle
*Express cosmetic effect in just 3 minutes of application.
*Extra hydration.
*High conditioning power.
*Hydrated, soft and shiny hair.

3. The Purity Circle
*Deep detoxification from pollution.
*Perfect for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors.
*Anti-pollution and anti-oxidant action.
*High conditioning power.

4. The Restless Circle
*Colorless invisible mask to be also applied during sport activities.
*Anti-breakage and volumizing action.
*It protects from the mechanical damage caused by elastics and hair clips.
*It gives elasticity to the hair stressed by an active lifestyle.

Price: $14.90/ 50ml

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