Recommendation for Tuco’s Pizza

Twelve years in Cuenca and this is, the best pizza I have come across. Small entryway with chalkboards at the entrance on Benigno Malo. This is what I grew up having in New Jersey in the 60s. (It was only $0.35/slice then. He dresses the slice to your requirements, heats in the oven and serves.

Look for the chalkboards and his neon sign.

Remember pre-covid the $1/slice places that were really pretty awful? Slices here are $1 as well, regardless of the topping you choose. Whole pies in a variety of sizes are available as well; the biggest is about a 30″ diameter for $16.

Delivers, Monday thru Saturday Opens at 1.

Address: Benigno Malo 5-60

Contact information: 099 003 9525

Recommended by Rich Westcott: