Together for Emma

“Emma” – My Brave Girl
Yes to life, yes to faith, yes to hope, yes to unconditional love. Hello! Friends, I will briefly tell you about the absolute love of a Mother, my daughter. I call her very brave because everything she is going through right now, only that infinite love gives her the strength to continue fighting until she sees my granddaughter healthy.

My daughter, an enterprising woman, a fighter, worked in a bank in the city of Cuenca, at the same time she had two businesses, she had her pastry shop, and she still sells clothes, perfumes and – whatever you can ask for – she can get it.

In her third month of pregnancy, my granddaughter was diagnosed with a cystic hygroma (cervical lymphangioma). This is a malformation of the lymphatic system where there is a blockage. The location of this hygroma is at the cervical level which extends from the back of the neck forwards causing a deformity of the lower jaw and therefore has trouble swallowing. It was a decision of infinite love to continue with her pregnancy, despite the results of the ultrasound.

At some point I doubted my status as a defender of life, but my very firm and responsible daughter decided to continue. Today we have my beautiful “Emma” whom we adore with life; however, since she was born, she has had to go through many treatments such as sclerotherapy among others. In our country there have not been these cases, which is why their treatment is being carried out in another country.

The treatment is extremely expensive, the savings have ceased and despair begins considering that the treatment lasts 3 years. With this brief background, we appeal to your big heart with your grain of sand. Today for me, tomorrow for you. Because of Emma, ​​I know that for her, your help will mean her life. Blessings!

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