Alex was robbed!

Monday morning, 1 de Mayo, Alex set up his shop on the corner of Las Americas and Ordoñez Lasso as he usually does. He is the gentleman with the artificial leg who sells various items in front of the old bank building across from the gas station – on the Supermaxi side of Ordoñez Lasso. He was ready to work when two men came by. While one kept him occupied, the other stole his brand new back pack which had $130 in it. They walked off, crossing Las Americas. He yelled for help but no one came.

Gentle friends, if you have the opportunity, stop by and say hello to Alex. Use Google Translate if you need to, he does not speak much English. Perhaps you might be able to help him by buying one of the many items he sells. As a disabled person, he was unable to pursue the thieves and now, in addition to that, he is out of pocket $130. Any little purchase or other consideration would be greatly appreciated. Just a kind word, if nothing else.

Karen Kuenzel: .

City: Cuenca