Recommendation for Elsa Rojas, massage therapist

For several months I suffered from pain in the joints, I could not walk and stand for a long time. Apparently the cool climate of Cuenca does not suit me and I began to look for another place of residence, warmer and more comfortable for me. However, I began to look for treatment options and after seeing an ad of Elsa Rojas’s in GringoPost, I decided to try massage.

After the first session of lymphatic massage in my apartment, the pain in the joint almost ceased to be felt and for the first time in several months I slept all night without pain pills.

Elsa Rojas is highly trained professional with golden hands, who will diligently, slowly work out all your muscles without missing a single inch of your body, and you will feel several years younger, lighter and completely weightless like a fluttering butterfly.

My hope is to find ease of movement. I highly recommend the massage therapist Elsa Rojas, who is extra class professional, hard working single mom of 3 boys.

Address: in your home

Contact information: +593 98 177 4961

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