Recommendation for Ulises Acosta, visas, transfers, cedulas, renewals

Over the years Ulises Acosta has always been my go-to person for so much information. Never a disappointment, Ulises is quick with a complete, professional and knowledgeable response. I used him personally recently for my visa transfer and to renew my Cedula. Rave review on all issues. He did all the legwork in Cuenca/Azogues allowing me the luxury of staying home, totally stress-free.

We met later at Registro Civil in Loja and the process to obtain the new renewed cedula took less than a half hour.

Ulises is more than a service oriented bilingual professional. He is lager and competent, smiling, friendly man. A Gem!

Address: Loja, Cuenca, Malacatos and Vilcabamba

Contact information: 593 99 370 9519

Recommended by Cara Lee Landes: