Recommendation for Gregory Hattaway, housesitting, pet care, plant/garden care

If you are in the need of someone to care for your home, pets, plants, gardens, etc. while out of town, I highly recommend Gregory Hattaway. He is a very responsible young man with a strong work ethic. During our absence, Gregory came at regularly scheduled times to check our home, plants, and garden. He watered as necessary, and because of all of the rain, emptied drain pans under my pots a lot! Each time he came to our house, Gregory sent me a WhatsApp message with “proof of life” photos! And Gregory’s fee was extremely reasonable.

During these times of higher crime rates in Cuenca, don’t leave your home without someone in it or checking on it. Call Gregory: he can help you out.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +1 719 726 4706 (WhatsApp) or

Recommended by Mara Gano: