How much is that doggie food in the window?

It’s a lot and so we are asking only if you can and will-be a dog angel today tomorrow or for as long as you wish. We know and appreciate the kindness of so many folks out there who love and support our work with animals. Currently, Patan Rescue Group is in dire need of food and /or cash donations.

Having just moved from one location where it was no longer possible to be– the new ‘place’ is pretty rough and for the most part uninhabitable. There is a huge need for appliances; yes, used but working: bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets. It’s really bad but there was no choice.

Can you please help us by donating food and/or cash now? And anything you are not using which may be helpful to the new location. Pallets also badly needed for the dogs. Please consider being a monthly donor. Every little bit counts and we count you as good people for helping us.

Thank you!

Barbie Simmons: .

City: Cuenca