Laundry “Lava-Express” free pickup and delivery in CUENCA

Laundry “Lava-Xpress” free pickup and delivery in CUENCA 
You have better things to do than laundry! 

Try our convenient service. Perfect for companies, families and individuals. 

Clothes are returned washed and neatly folded, including paired socks! 

We check your pockets, separate your lights and darks, and never wash your items with anyone else’s. 

Lava-Xpress provides laundry pickup and delivery service in Cuenca and the surrounding area. 

We are Located in 2 neighborhoods 

1.- Monay behind Coral centro 
2.- Los Cerezos two blocks from “Unidad Educativa Santa Ana” 

Contact us: 

Lourdes: +593 98 722 6923 WhatsApp service