Courage is what we need

Exploring Your Biography Workshop Guided by Michael Pinchera

We are authors who have constructed the plot of our life’s story since the beginning. Our lives are works in progress, that metamorphose and transform through time. What we think, feel, and do becomes what we design for what comes next in our lives—our destiny.

Today, we face trying times, and whoever we are, and however we live our lives, change will come about. More and more, people are finding the need to muster the needed courage to stand and meet the ever-mounting challenges of life. In this workshop, we will explore how courage has played a role in our lives, those close to us, and what we need to develop courage.

The workshop will consist of very short talks given by Michael and small group work. You will work within a process of drawing certain memories and situations and sharing them with others. Drawing is involved, yet artistic talent is not required to be involved in the art of social development. Each session brings us deeper in touch with ourselves and in connection with others.

Saturday, May 6
11:30 – 3:30 PM
$30 (individual)
$50 (pairs)

Michael has dedicated over forty years as a student of anthroposophy, serving as a certified Waldorf elementary teacher, later as a Waldorf high school teacher, then as a trainer and mentor of teachers on three continents. While teaching, he also began his formal instruction and certification in Evolutionary Astrology with its founder, Jeffrey Wolf Green, and later received the certification under Kim Marie Weimer.

Combined with art and movement, Michael leads workshops and retreats focused on biography work, astrology, meditation, or Waldorf pedagogy. His task is to assist others who want to understand and fulfill their unique evolutionary journey. Michael describes his work, “I work closely with individuals and groups who have the desire to establish harmony in their thinking, feeling, and daily habits. My work is for those who want to understand their soul lessons and fulfill their life’s intentions. We are here to know ourselves, face our truths and challenges, and live through our deeds in love”.

idiomART is located at: Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estevez de Toral; Cuenca, Ecuador

Sarah HB