Recommendation for Vet. Dr. Belén Andrade, veterinary clinic

I arrived almost five years ago in Cuenca with my five elderly cats, so I have gone to several highly recommended clinics where I noticed with horror how the attention was focused on the business and not the welfare of the pets.

As a consequence of this situation, and throughout this time, we have ended up with three wrong diagnoses and/or wrong prescriptions that have meant the loss of three of our beloved pets. That made us very wary of the quality of veterinary services available in the city, especially those focused on cats.

However, a small clinic recently opened its doors near where I live, for an emergency I took my 20-year-old cat and to my surprise, I found there one of the best human and professional teams I have ever seen. They have a small animal anesthesiologist, oncologist, laparoscopic surgeons, lab, and life support equipment, the inpatient area for cats is separate from the other areas, and they are the most committed people to the welfare of my pets that I have ever come across.

If you have special conditions or senior pets, if you need a responsible noninvasive surgery for your pet, treatment for a serious illness, pain management, or just want the best care for them, I would recommend that you visit the clinic. Honestly, I think you won’t regret it.

They speak little english but may have an interpreter/translator available if you request the service, at no additional cost

Address: Av. Guapondelig 5/94 y Juan José Flores. Cuenca, Azuay.

Contact information: 099 249 4894

Recommended by Vicky Velasquez: