Alausí disaster: Emergency collection for indigenous families

SOS disaster relief needed immediately.

*We are El Colectivo Azuay Unido*, an organization that provides social and humanitarian aid to people in vulnerable situations, and we turn to you friends to request help for our brothers in the Alausi community who are going through difficult times due to the loss of all their belongings because of the landslide that buried their homes.

There are at least 60 new families that are being evacuated due to the danger of new landslides. This number could grow at any time.

We very politely request your supportive contribution to cover urgent needs such as:
-Non-perishable food
-Warm clothing
-Household items
-Disposable diapers
-Products for cleaning and personal hygiene.

We request at least enough to carry one truckload.

At the following address in El Centro
Rafael Maria Arizaga 17-21 and Miguel Heredia (corner)

Please call Daniel Sanchez to confirm that somebody will be at the headquarters to receive donations, including financial support if possible.

Mary Wingo: 096 044 4500. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca