You don’t need to stumble in the dark

Large emergency lights are one of our best sellers, because they are a no-brainer that everyone can use. Plug them in, and when the power goes out – the light comes on. There is a bright mode, and a lower light mode. They will probably stay on for about 5 or 6 hours when the light is set to go on in high mode. (Longer in dim mode.) They feature 60 L.E.D. lights, have a plastic hook and a kickstand and they are rechargeable.

They can also be used as a work light when working under a kitchen sink or other space that can use extra light. On sale now – only $15. (Regularly $17.92)

Pay with a $20 bill, and get your choice of change as a $5 bill or 5 – $1 coins – or 10 Kennedy 50 cent pieces. And…get a free coffee voucher to Nomadas – Kelbert’s new restaurant.

Visit our easy-to-find store just 5 blocks West of Parque Calderon.

Kent Mills:

City: Cuenca