Learn Spanish for free with movies, books, TV and music

Authentic Spanish resources (such as movies, TV, books and music) are one of the most fun and effective ways to improve your listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.

So why aren’t more people taking advantage of them?

1. There is a common misconception that you must have an intermediate level or higher in order to watch a movie or read a book in Spanish.

2. They don’t know where to begin – how to find a movie/TV show, book or even music that is suitable for their level and interests.

This is why I’ve created this free guide to using authentic Spanish resources in a way that is designed to take your Spanish to the next level.

I debunk this myth and show you how you can start using these resources at a beginner level and still get great results (and have fun doing it!).

This guide provides you with an extensive list of recommended options for books, movies/TV and music, sorted by level, genre, dialect used, etc., to help you easily find something suitable for you.

It is valued at over $150 but I am currently offering it for free!

Download your free copy here: https://bit.ly/freespanishguide and start adding a solid dose of fun to your learning experience, that will teach you the real, everyday Spanish, that can’t be found in an app or textbook.

Canoa, Ecuador

Nadine: info@spanishtofluency.com