Monica Gonzaga, relocation consultant services in Ecuador

The experience of all these years speaks for me, working since 2014, serving the Expat Community in Ecuador.

I assist you with residence visas, Citizenships for Ecuador and other countries, and many more services. What is the difference between me with new facilitators and lawyers?

First of all, the experience. I do guarantee I finish my work for which I was hired and with positive results. I am the person you can call or email or look for to do a job and finish it. I do not charge and I don’t leave you alone or put you in more trouble.

Throughout my career I have heard so many cases of unscrupulous people who have stolen from so many Expats. They pretend to be the best in the city and yes, they are the best stealing.

My experience is supported by so many recommendations from my clients that you can find it easily in the media or just speaking with many people in Cuenca.

Do you have an unfinished case or an unsolved problem? I know that the bureaucracy in Ecuador can be difficult and hard, but that’s why you have me to do the work for you. If the language and culture is a barrier between Ecuador and you, don’t worry Monica Gonzaga has the experience and the knowledge for your case. Just let me make it come true.

There are people who guarantee 100% of your visa or you pay nothing, there are others who say that you pay by hour but at the end you will finish paying twice. You pay Monica Gonzaga to do the work for you and you can just relax at home because you won’t do anything. Stop going around and around dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing and the bureaucracy making you wasting your time and patience.

Do the lawyers make the difference? Not at all! Some of them overcharge unscrupulously, others are not well prepared about migration laws and instead of helping, they put you in a big problem and stress and others they just don’t have the experience. Don’t think twice!

Monica Gonzaga and her team, can really make your life easier in Ecuador or even before you arrive to the country.

Contact me from anywhere in the world. I can help you and give you the details on exactly everything you need to bring for your application for a Residence Visa in this beautiful country and from there let me be your guide in whatever you need here in Ecuador.

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Monica Gonzaga
098 384 1691