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Fr. Crespi

On Thursday, Pope Francis declared Father Carlos Crespi Croci of Cuenca a venerable servant of God, putting him on the path toward canonization. Fr. Crespi was born in Italy, then came to Cuenca where he served and died.

This little city now has four saints/candidates: Fr. Matovelle (venerable), Fr. Emilio Moscoso (beatified), Hermano Miguel (saint), and now Fr. Crespi. That is actually a lot, in case you are wondering.

They have very different life stories – Fr. Matovelle was abandoned in the streets of Cuenca at birth by his mother, and brought up by aunts in desperate poverty; Hermano Miguel was born in that huge house next to Casa del Parque and was related to absolutely everybody; Fr. Moscoso at neither extreme — again, half the city seem to be his cousins. Is why someone always picks you up when you fall.

Lucy Hancock

City: Cuenca

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