Did your visa expire? News about the migratory regularization process

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Finally, this Wednesday, March 22, the president Guillermo Lasso signed the Decree 698 in which there are news for people without a valid visa in Ecuador.

The decree includes migratory amnesty to all people who are now in Ecuador without a valid visa and who entered stamping their passport through an official port of entry or checkpoint and who entered in Ecuador until September 16, 2022.

The requirements for obtaining a Temporary Residency Visa of Exception (Visa de Residencia Temporal de Excepción) are:

1. To have regularly entered Ecuadorian territory through official immigration control points until September 16, 2022.

2. To have complied with the immigration registration process before the Ministry of the Interior as provided by Executive Decree No. 436 of June 1, 2022; and

3. Not to be considered a threat or risk to public security and the structure of the Ecuadorian State; therefore, the person must not be included in the records of the Ecuadorian State institutions related to public order and citizen security.

The extraordinary immigration regularization process will have a term of eight (8) months, counted as of the issuance of the secondary regulations with the procedures and requirements necessary to obtain the Temporary Residence Visa of Exception.

The issuance of the secondary regulations with the specific procedures and requirements for obtaining the Exceptional Temporary Residency Visa will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador (a.k.a. Ecuadorian Immigration Ministry) within the next three (3) months.

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