Recommendation for Victor Ojeda, driver, translator, and facilitator

I want to recommend a good facilitator in Cuenca, Victor Ojeda. He is a driver, translator, and facilitator for many tasks that are difficult for expats. He helped us buy a truck, and takes care of inspections and matricula (registration) renewals so I don´t even have to leave the house. The truck had $400 of fines for speeding (in Loja) from the previous owner and Victor helped us get a lawyer in Loja and get out of paying it. He has helped us with banking issues, utilities companies, and he has taken us to Guayaquil airport and picked us and our son up there a few times. He helped us renew our drivers licenses and cedulas. His English is perfect. He is a safe driver.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 731 3565

Recommended by Jeff Van Pelt:
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