Recommendation for Gladys Morocho, overlapping services

I have known Gladys Morocho for eight years. I attest to the high quality of her work, her honesty and her punctuality. Gladys provides to me effective stress and tension alleviating body massages. She has cooked savory meals for me and guests at my apartment, as well.

Gladys cleaned my apartment, on a weekly basis, for about one year. Her work included mopping, sweeping, washing dishes and scouring the bathroom and shower. Her personality was and is consistently upbeat and friendly. I had had a surgical operation, and Gladys lived in my apartment and provided nursing care to me, including injections, cleaning the sutures of the incision and cooking meals for me during the recuperation.

I heartily recommend her services as a home nurse care provider, as well as for the other services she provides.

Address: Cdla Juan Pablo segundo sector parque de dragon, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 664 4080

Recommended by Michael Bell: 099 398 0375

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