Paintings in oil, different sizes, on canvas

I have canvases from 1995. I will adjust prices for the Ecuador paintings I have on hand. I’m on Facebook with paintings in Ecuador for the past three years.

Prices start at $100, depending on the individual piece. Prints can be made in Cuenca, on canvas. I’ll be happy to paint and varnish over the prints: Enough to give them an original appearance.

I specialize in landscapes and individual portraits from life or from photos.
You must work with me for an individual price. It depends whether you are commissioning a work, or interested in my collection. Prices begin at $100.

I like the Ecuador bird paintings. I think this country leads in the variety of birds. The bird paintings are small. Flower paintings are different sizes and subjects. Landscapes are our local mountains the largest of all.

I am a member of IdiomART, and expect to have a show there in a few months. I attend classes there because learning of the techniques of other painters is paramount. I’ve been painting for, hmmm, 60 years. I studied at the high school of music and art in NYC for 4 years. I attended the Cooper Union Institute for Science and Art in NYC in 1959. I lived in Yukon Canada and designed a 500 sq ft mural in veneer plywood. Cabinet woodworker for the layered work. It was the Canadian bicentennial. My mural is still there, in the Whitehorse, Yukon, City Hall. $5K prize.

I painted for organizations, for the Santa Barbara Jazz Society, on the California coast from 1994 to 1997. I have a collection of over a hundred jazz musician portraits in pastel and charcoal. They are stashed in a studio in Richmond, CA. I’m trying to get these into the Smithsonian Institute because these are all signed by jazz musicians who are known.

The paintings of Ecuador include Lago Prado, where trout abound, and can be fished, prepared on the spot at the kitchen.

Suzanne Cerny:

City: Cuenca