Whirlpool dryer / electric / 22Kg

Main features:

Whirlpool dryer, front electric load with a capacity of 22 kg.

It is ecologically perfect, as it helps you to dry completely in less time, thinking of you and the environment, with its anti-wrinkle cycles, to prevent the formation of wrinkles and odors in the garments and keep them fresh inside the tub.

It has an AccelerCare system that helps you accurately measure time and temperature when drying, and you achieve 40% energy savings compared to the normal Eco cycle.

With the Accu dry System mode, it determines the moisture level of the load through sensors, and when it stops sensing moisture, the cycle stops automatically. Forget annoying noises with the Quiet Dry Noise System mode, which has strategically placed sound-absorbing materials.


Width: 69cm
Depth: 75cm
Height: 110cm

Price $350

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