Regularization for irregular foreigners

In September of last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a resolution through which, as of September 1st, Venezuelan citizens who are irregular in Ecuador, could register on the website, and after the registration they could apply for a temporary visa.

The same resolution is provided for the citizens of the rest of the nationalities as of November 16th, 2022, the same registration can be made at the same website, but unfortunately there is still not an option for obtaining any type of visa.

According to officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azogues, the Quito offices are working to draw up a regulation that allows people of other nationalities that are not Venezuelans to obtain a visa, fulfilling the requirement of registration on the aforementioned site.

According to the Department of Migration, the registration of foreign citizens who are irregular in Ecuador can be done until August 31, 2023.

If you are irregular at the moment, go and register on the website, this will be a requirement for your visa application, or if you want to leave Ecuador the registration certificate the Migration department provides you will be enough so that you can be exempt from any migratory penalty.

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