Fridays at La Guarida

La Guarida invites you to:

Mother Sauces
a French inspired 7-course menu

Friday, March 17th.
Seating available from 5 to 8 PM.
Reservations are required.
Book by calling 099 806 8071.
Cost: $25.

Our seven courses will be the following:

– Poached egg open sandwich with hollandaise sauce
– Crispy oven roasted chicken velouté
– Chipotle Shrimp in a tomato sauce
– Varied mushroom roast with espagnole sauce
– Feta and spinach tortellini with bechamel
– English Cream and Irish Whisky Caramel
– Chocolate & Chocolate

We are located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta.

Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta


099 806 8071
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