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Chili Happy Dance! at King Smokehouse

Hola all chili loving amigos. Felix has such demand for his amazing, perfectly seasoned chili that he has decided to carry it at both King Smokehouse Burgers and King Smokehouse. Yes, this is the same delicious chili you have had on his chili burgers and that he has (up to now) only had at the burger joint. But now you can find it at King Smokehouse as well.

Huge news. And the best? So reasonable at only $5 per pound. Even better, top your hot, steaming bowl of chili with some shredded King Smokehouse melty cheddar cheese. What’s not to love? Well, how about making a complete meal with some Mountain Home Gourmet Cornbread Mix! Now you have it all. Don’t delay – come over Today! It’s Yum Yum time. Disfrute!

King Smokehouse is located just across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. Open Mon. – Sat. for your convenience. Come on over or call for delivery. We are here to provide the very finest in Smoked Meats, Mixes, Cheese and so much more! The tiny tienda with tons of great stuff!

Daily Mon. thru Sat from 9 AM until 5 PM (Sat. closing at 4 PM)

Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: Call or WhatsApp +593 96 904 7724

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