Come and sew some chicks this Sunday!

If you’d like to sew some chicks as a fun Easter or spring decor then come in the Gallery Arrebol. The chicks are easy to sew and also good for beginners from 11-year-olds to adults.

They are most beautiful when you have a lot of them. You can hang them on an Easter bouquet, use them for window decoration, on the fridge with magnet or simply distribute them everywhere in the apartment. A nice gift idea also for friends and relatives.

Have fun sewing yours next Sunday in the Gallery Arrebol! The course will be taught in Spanish and English!

Price includes the material.

Please reserve your spot until Friday morning via WhatsApp or email with Madyson.

Sunday 19th March, 2 to 5 PM, $6

Mariscal Lamar 17-49 and Miguel Herredia, Cuenca

096 312 9138