Clemencia is recovering well; C&C Unisex Hair Design

Hello everyone, well probably most of you know Clemencia Vizhñay, the owner of the C&C hair salon, had surgery and everything went successfully, She got very difficult surgery. They removed all the mediastinal tumor that compromised the veins near the heart, the great vessels of the heart that includes the aorta vein, cava vein, pulmonary trunk, pulmonary veins, (superior and inferior). They connect directly to the heart and play a vital role in the circulatory system. These blood vessels send blood between your heart and lungs (pulmonary circuit) between your heart and body (systemic circuit). it means the tumor was almost attaching the heart. That is why Clemencia will be absent from work, recovering from the surgery for a couple months, since the doctors had to break her sternum to remove the tumor so it will take a little longer for the wound to heal.

Well, she says Jehovah God gave wisdom to the thoracic surgeon, the oncologist surgeon and the rest of the IESS’s surgery team. Since the surgery was very complicated she says that God took care of her during the surgery, after at ICU, and now on.

I hope you always continue to support the business. She has a team of professionals qualified in the art of beauty. Do not forget to schedule your appointment through WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger. Since Clemencia will be checking messages, she can only respond writing messages back, she is not able to send any voice messages procedure damaged her voice, but she will be very pleased to book your appointments.

She wants to mention that the Professional Team is made up of 4 specialists: Arelys, she is very skilled in making color designs such as Babylights, highlights, lowlights, asymmetrical cuts for men and women, exclusive hairstyles for social events, etc. She will be attending Clemencia’s clients because she has the files of Clemencia’s clientele. Well, Rolando will be doing colors, styles, lowlights, highlights, unisex haircuts, etc. Ely does everything related to manicures and pedicures, shampoos, massages, etc. Christian the Barber has been specialized. in all men’s hair cutting. Clemencia is so proud that she can count with professional as Christian he does perfect sharp shaving, mens haircuts beard trimming, hair dyes for men, waxing by threading, massages, makeup. Daniela has her skills in hairstyles, makeup, Eyebrows tinted, microblading, deep facials, unisex waxing, hair colors. So now you know, that your beauty stands out even more than you are.

Please, making arrangements for your appointments should be more convenient for all of you, so then each stylist would be starting to set up their station to give you an best experience. Please give us a call through WhatsApp, iMessage, text message, messenger, etc. So Clemencia will be honored to set up your appointments (she can only write – no talk). She will be having a voice therapy due to the side effects of breaking her sternum.

C&C’s prices:

Ladies Haircut $8
Ladies haircut and blowout $10-$12
Only Shampoo and Blow dry $8 $10 $12
Gentleman’s haircut $5
Neat beard shaving and complete steps $7
Haircut & neat shaving $12 (get both haircut & shaving)
Only beard outlined $4
Manicure&Pedicure unisex $12
Only him or her Manicure $5
Only him or her pedicure $9
Hair dye cut, hair treatments cut and style $40
Bring your own color we applied and style $15
Highlights $50 and up
Hair stripes with cap $45 and up
DiSciPLiNAnt hair treatment, free frizzy hair $40 (Italian Brand)
Facial express $15
Eyebrow & upper lip wax $5
Half leg wax $6 Full leg wax $12
Complete facial waxing $15
1 hour full body massage $25 .

Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y los Claveles next door to Banco Pichincha

Clemencia Vizhnay
098 814 8902