St. Patrick’s special at Sofy Local Cuisine

St. Patrick’s special!

We are so Lucky to be in potatoland to indulge you with this five-course tasting menu so you can handle the all the beers and Irish whiskey!

1. Potato cakes with cream cheese and smoked trout.
2. Cider steamed mussels
3. Colcannon potatoes
4. Guinness Irish stew
5. Irish cream tiramisu
Some soda bread is served with your meal.
All for $20

But! if you don’t feel live having the whole meal, you can pick any dish and we will make sure to feed you right.

To get along we will have Irish whiskey, green beers, cocktails and wine.

And Saturday we will have and Irish breakfast brunch

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday, March 17th, from 1 to 8 PM,

Mariscal Lamar 20-16 y Escultor Ayabaca

Sofy: Call or WhatsApp:096 353 8425

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