Rupert Spira Discussion Group

On Thursday, March 23, a small group will begin meeting weekly to discuss Rupert Spira’s teachings on non-duality, commonly known as the Direct Path. Initially, the size of the group will be limited to four persons, including myself as facilitator and fellow learner. All others who would like to take part in these discussions will be added to the waitlist. Although Rupert has said that interest is the sole prerequisite for this path of self-enquiry, we ask that participants have a basic understanding of his teachings or classical Advaita. Our primary focus will be the gradual integration of these ideas into every aspect of our daily life.

We will gather every Thursday from 4 to 5 PM at a pleasant venue near Parque Calderón. There is no cost. To request a place, please send an email to

Weekly, starting March 23rd, from 4 to 5 PM, free,

A venue near Parque Calderon

Stephen Johnson

City: Cuenca
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