Pawkar Raymi celebration at Nabon, March 19th

The local government of Nabón will celebrate this Sunday, March 19th the festival of flowering.

8 AM – Departure from Plaza Otorongo
9 AM – Concentration and presentation to the farmers and local producers Fair. Presentation of plants and natural medicine
9:30 AM – Traditional ritual to thank the water that allows the harvest to start a new year.
11 AM – Pampamesa: communal meal on the ground for all.
11:30 AM – Presentation of groups for traditional dances.
1:30 PM – Andean music group and dance.
2 PM – Closing activity.
Cost: $10 Transportation.

This is an invitation from local Government of Nabón and organized by Adrian Aguirre, tour guide and representative from the Municipality for the tourism area.

Please contact us to sign up and join to this event.
Main contact by WhatsApp.

March 19th, from 8 AM to 4 PM, $10,


Adrian Aguirre: 099 151 8593

City: Cuenca

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