Handcrafted inspirational art posters

Do you have some naked walls or an empty space on your fridge? Well, I have just the solution!

Besides my small, medium and large handcrafted cards, I also have created inspirational art posters! These mini posters are the size of A4 paper. I use heavy weight laminating sheets to protect the artwork, but also it can conveniently lean against a wall. To decorate your fridge, I have available a 4-pack of magnets either white or black.

These posters and cards are accessible 7-days a week at:
Sunrise Café / Cuenca Creators Co-op (Calle Larga 9-38 y Benigno Malo)

Inspirational Posters (8¼ x 11¾)………$10
Inspirational Large Cards (1/2 fold)……$5
Fridge Magnet 4-Pack…………….……$1.50

See card samples in this notice…

Heavenly Harmony: sahara_exodus@hotmail.com

City: Cuenca

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