Cuenca – Let’s Do This for the Dogs!

FAAN is at the finish line today for the Kick-Start Matching Grant.
How close are we to doubling our donation for the dogs for their new home and reaching the $40,000 matching grant challenge?

Close! In fact, we’re so close that our Board Members will be ordering FAAN Burgers today at Calvo Restaurant from noon – 2 PM to collect final in-person donations in Cuenca. Come by, enjoy lunch at Calvo, become a “Matchmaker” with your donation and we’ll be thrilled to also talk with you about adopting one of our 140 FAAN dogs and or volunteering your super powers in our many community projects.

So really, how close are we? We need just $2,492 dollars to meet our goal. Breaking that down, FAAN has a Paws Circle of Benefactors: Gold Paws: $1,000 +, Silver Paws $500+ and Bronze Paws $100 +. These donations are the foundation of our capital campaign to build the first US-standard shelter in South America.

In order to meet the match by 11:55 PM, we need to welcome just two $1,000 Golden Paws and One Silver Paw $500 benefactor or
24 Bronze Paws $100 donations or 50 $50 donations.

The Dogs of FAAN are counting on us. So please if you can, give today online meet us if you’re in Cuenca at Calvo Restaurant, Los Cipreses 1-133 from 12-2 PM. If for any reason, you can’t connect with us through these payment methods or wish to extend your donation until April, send us an email with your pledge at to qualify for the match.

March 15th, $0-$1,000 +,

Calvo-Los Cipreses 1-133

Rosemary Rein: 096 920 9764

City: Cuenca