Cuenca Creators Co-Operative

Cuenca Creators is ‘the’ place to find the best Artisan products in Cuenca! We carry a variety of foods, art, and crafts handmade by residents of Cuenca – both in store and online! Come support our local artisans and see what they have created for you today!

We have:
Artesana Bakery (sourdough Bread , cinnamons rolls, brownies, cookies, wheat bread)
Nacho cheese (rum raisins, fig, blackberry, vanilla, Oreo cookies)
Yogurt, all natural (grape, apple, peach, natural)
Coffee from Loja
Greeting cards

Many more things for sale
Address: Inside Sunrise Cafe
Calle Larga 9-78 y Benigno Malo
Cuenca, Ecuador

Cristian Erazo: 095 953 1101

City: Cuenca
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