Recommendation for Vamos Spanish School, Spanish School

Recommendation for Vamos Spanish School, one of many great options in Cuenca:

After weeks of remote one-on-one language lessons while away, we switched to in-person lessons with the same profesora when we returned. After 24 hours of in-person instruction, we realized we were much more comfortable speaking with local people in everyday life — at the mercado, in taxis, at tiendas, on the phone. Indeed, Vamos had catapulted us to the next level. A year of on-line learning, mostly via apps, videos, and self-study, never approached this level.

On a personal level, we loved learning from all of the instructors we met at Vamos, a truly exceptional and personable bunch. We also loved participating in the weekend group activities with Spanish speaking guides. The school itself is in the heart of El Centro and we looked forward to almuerzo and grocery shopping after class at the 10 de Agosto mercado.

Address: Calle Larga 11-43, Cuenca

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