How FAAN benefits the community, a few reasons to care

Just two days remain to double your impact on animal welfare and we wanted to share with you how FAAN benefits our community.

Adoption, Shelter, Refuge: Getting at-risk, senior, and medically challenged dogs off the streets and into forever homes. Our current focus is building the first, modern US-style animal shelter in South America.

Education: Reducing abuse and raising awareness. FAAN’s education program is launching in 2023 and focused on improving the care, love, and respect of all animals including a focus on early-grade education.

Spay & Neuter: Working with a network of community veterinarians, we’re focused on evidence-based strategies for reducing the animal population and our roadmap includes an annual census to measure Cuenca’s progress in animal welfare.

Care: Through improving nutrition, medical treatment, training, and a large dose of love, we are helping Cuenca become known as the city that cares.

Business Plan and Protocols: FAAN received the Best of Gringo Post Award for Best Charity and Best Animal Shelter in 2023 and our Board of Ecuadorians and Expats are working together to create a trusted, impact-driven, and sustainable organization.

Please help the shelter dogs of FAAN to get a new leash on life and become a “Matchmaker”
Every donation is doubled over the next two days with our matching grant by an anonymous donor.
This means $10 becomes $20, $100 is $200, $1,000 is $2,000

The dogs of FAAN thank you for your love and generosity.

March 13-15th, $10-$10,000,


Rosemary Rein: 096 920 9764

City: Cuenca

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