Hatchi the Pomsky needs a new home

Hatchi is a large, super friendly, calm and loving Pomsky (Pomearian-Husky mix breed).

His fur is red merle/white and very thick for cold weather.
5 years old
Weight 70-75 pounds
40 inches tall floor to back
Gentle spirited, not a guard dog!

Leash trained. No barking. Fully house broken.

Hatchi loves to run and play

I am in a smaller apartment now. Hatchi needs space that I cannot provide.

Please rehome my Hatchi!

Tell your friends and family. He needs your love.

Young adult Pomsky’s are seldom available for adoption. This is a costly mix and you will not see others for free.

I see his frolicking in the Cajas or on your farm or ranch. Cuenca or cooler temperatures is best for my boy!

Oh, I hate to lose this wonderful dog but I need your help please.

Johnny: jdlmg2019@gmail.com +593 98 835 5032 cell/WhatsApp. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

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