Will you help the dogs of Cuenca pass the finish line?

The clock is ticking. We have until Wednesday 11:55 PM to double all donations for the dogs of FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) to help purchase the land for a permanent animal sanctuary.

Yes, it was a sad day when our dogs received their eviction notice and we learned that we need to find and build them a new home and move them by December 31st.
It’s not a doggie sprint, it’s a marathon.

The goal for meeting the $20,000 matching grant is now within our reach and that will mean as a community we raised over $40,000 for our kick-start capital campaign for building the most modern and sustainable shelter in South America.

We’re so close to meeting the match that every donation really matters! Your $10 donations become $20, $100 becomes $200 and $1,000 + becomes $2,000 +
Please join our growing community of “Matchmakers” helping Cuenca become known as the City that Cares.

The dogs of FAAN wish to say thank you for your love and generosity during this campaign


March 13-15th, $100 – $1,000 +,


Rosemary Rein: reinrosemary@gmail.com 096 920 9764

City: Cuenca

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