Recommendation for Maribel Crespo, real estate agent

It’s been said, “a good real estate agent is similar in nature to a conductor of a great symphony coordinating the different players to make a successful transaction a reality.” This is especially true if you are planning on renting/ buying a property in a foreign country and don’t know the spoken language. I’ve just completed a rewarding and successful experience with realtor Maribel Crespo of

Coming from generations of living in Cuenca, Maribel has a true interest in property and local architecture that gives her an advantage over other brokers. Because her knowledge and interest level are readily apparent in all her conversations; her clients see that she has a vested interest about the industry. Let me emphasize, Maribel does not just find you a home, she helps you establish a home.

My experience with Maribel didn’t stop once the sale was completed. What makes Maribel stand out as a realtor is her network of contacts within the Cuenca area. I bought a condo and within days Maribel had arranged for a reliable painter; electrician, and introduced me to an interior designer. She even made the effort to help with internet connection.

It is with great respect and my honor to recommend Maribel Crespo not just as a realtor but as an all-encompassing real estate agent who is attentive to the unique needs of her individual clients before, during and after the sale.

Address: Maribel Crespo: Cuenca, Ecuador. 098 484 7855

Contact information: 098 484 7855

Recommended by Valerie Jiannotti: