If you missed it, “Transferencia” continuing at IdiomART!

Transferencia-Images of Cuenca

Don’t worry if you did not make the opening of the exhibit, Transferencia-Images of Cuenca, last Thursday. The exhibit of over 42 works of art will be on display at IdiomART until March 31.

This was a year-long project catalyzed by artist, Janda Grove. She recruited her artistic friends to engage in a little-known transfer process using oil pastels on vellum paper. They used features of historic Cuenca (ironwork, tiles, doors and more) as the starting point for the images. They have produced a remarkable body of work with over 45 pieces.

All the proceeds from the art will go to Mujeres Con Exito, a well-respected foundation that gives support and shelter to abused women.

Scott Cushing video on the Transferencia Project:


Kaye Sturgis, one of the participating artists, wrote a blog that gives a wonderful, heartfelt overview of the journey that she and the other artists took during this year with this project. You can read her blog here:


Now thru March 31, Tuesday thru Saturday from 11 to 5 PM, Free,

Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estevez Toral

Johana Sand: johanasand@gmail.com

City: Cuenca