For fun, new free events you do in Cuenca!

Hello to all my Cuenca friends!

Some of you may know, and remember, the events that I did at various venues around the city such as Gringo Night, Trivia Night, (which I also hosted) girls’ night out, S.I.N. (service industry night), and more.

I hosted a decades night at the old DaBaccos, which was another huge success and many other events. Of course, now you know I’m doing Ladies Who Lunch, and Cocktails and Conversations, which have had great turnouts as well!

My point being, I know that there’s trivia nights around town, and I think one Gringo night which has not been successful thus far.

I want to bring these events back and create new ones for our community! There are many restaurants and venues looking to do exciting new things to bring in more clients and I was hoping that perhaps you all had some ideas to contribute to the above mentioned.

I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes, nor take away or override any of the current events happening now but I would like to add new ones and improve the ones that aren’t working.

So again, any and all comments, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Respectfully yours,
Rebecca Bexx Sangine

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City: Cuenca