Cold shower blues turning you blue?

If you have a calefon, then you need rechargeable “D” size batteries. Have you ever rummaged through drawers looking for regular “D” size batteries – only to find none? With CosasPrep’s rechargeable batteries, you may never need to buy (and throw away) another alkaline battery again!

Our batteries do not need a traditional battery charger, and they are 1.5 Volts, just like a regular alkaline battery. However, instead of discarding them when your water gets cold, you can plug them into a USB cable (supplied) and recharge them up to 1200 times. They come in 2-packs, so you can keep one charged and on standby, while using the other one. Investing in a 2-pack only costs $19.90, and when you purchase two sets (you can mix and match with AA or AAA battery sets) each pack is only $15.

Hurry – because we don’t have an infinite supply of lithium batteries, and restocking lithium products requires importing – which, even when possible, is extremely problematic.

Visit our easy-to-find store that is located just 5 blocks West of Parque Calderon on Simon Bolivar. We accept cash, credit cards, major crypto and PayPal.

P.S. We also offer inexpensive ($14) shower filters, too.

Kent Mills:

City: Cuenca