Silver: 1 oz and 1/10 oz (150+) available

In the depths of the Andes mountains, there lay a long-forgotten Inca mint, where the finest silver bullion coins were crafted centuries ago. The Inca kings, known for their wealth and power, trusted only the skilled hands of the mint’s master artisans to create the coins that symbolized their strength and authority.

But as the years passed, the mint was abandoned, and its secrets were lost to time. Until one day, a group of explorers stumbled upon the ancient ruins and uncovered the long-lost techniques for crafting the legendary Inca silver coins.

With the knowledge of these techniques, a new generation of master artisans began crafting silver bullion coins of quality and beauty. Each coin was a masterpiece, intricately detailed with symbols of Inca culture and history.

As word of the Inca silver coins spread, collectors and investors alike flocked to acquire them. Not only were they a valuable addition to any portfolio, but they also held a deep historical significance.

The Inca silver coins soon became a symbol of strength and endurance, much like the empire that once ruled the Andes. And as the mint continued to produce these remarkable coins, people from all corners of the world were inspired by the legacy of the Inca civilization.

The Inca silver bullion coins were not just an investment, but a piece of history that could be passed down for generations. They represented the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and resilience of a people that had left their mark on the world.

And so, the Inca mint once again became a hub of activity, as people from all over the world came to admire and collect the silver bullion coins that were crafted with such care and attention to detail.

The legacy of the Inca empire had been reborn, and its influence could be felt in every corner of the world, through the stunning Inca silver bullion coins that had captured the hearts and minds of so many.

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We have available (by Private sellers)
150+ x 1 oz Silver (Varies designs)
Ranging from $31-$32.50 ea depending on quantity brought
150+ 1/10th Oz Silver at $5.50 ea
(Bulk price currently used even for small purchases)

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