Spanish / English story course online

Why take a course when you can tell a story?

For anyone who wants to learn Spanish online, I’m offering an online course with a storytelling structure. It is based on a tabletop game where you create a character and make decisions for them. I describe places and situations, and you tell me how your character responds to them, and bit by bit we create a story together.

The course can be at a variety of different levels, completely in English or Spanish, or mixed. The first session is free, and for planning what kind of story you want to tell, fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc.

The course also has a writing option, where after each session you write the events and I help you to edit them. By the end of the course, you would have a complete story written.

Language training in this story course takes the form of activities that occur naturally in the story, such as introducing yourself, asking for directions, solving riddles, navigating an area, etc. Specific activities can be included at your request, or we can simply play it as a game without specific goals, depending on your preference.

The course is online, but I am open to in person options. The cost is $15 per hour, but the rate per person goes down for groups, so bring a friend and get a discount.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Samuel Foreman
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