Recommendation for Ana Luisa Alvarracin Cabrera, Spanish Language Teacher

Listen up, gringles—
You don’t want to be the kind of lazy, entitled, and disrespectful gringle who makes little to no effort to learn the local language, do you? Nor would you want to stagnate in your Spanish skills by simply assuming you’re “good enough.” Now, what if I told you that you can be a better gringle without even having to sweat the dolor de cabeza of finding a tutor? Well now you can, because you just found her!

Whether you’re a novato or some other kind of vato, Ana Luisa’s got your back no matter what your current proficiency level is, and I can personally attest that she is kind, patient, intelligent, and good-humored—a clear communicator and an excellent educator. Her classes are comfortable, affordable, and fun, and if you really put the work in you will learn and grow a ton, maybe even meet some new friends with whom to practice, too. I studied under Ana Luisa for six weeks en la primavera de 2023 and if I weren’t leaving Cuenca I would happily enroll with her for another six. I am so glad I found her and decided to go with her, and I wager you’ll feel the very same way. So do it, gringle, go, now. Quit making excuses and get after it!

Address: Raquel Lounge, Cuenca, Ecuador

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