Natural hand creams at Gracie’s naturals

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Three natural hand creams are available in Gracie’s naturals:

1. Lalabloom Hand Cream
It is ideal for use on very damaged and dry hands; it has an incredible immediate effect in recovering lost moisture. It improves skin elasticity and prevents cell damage caused by pollution and UV rays.

Featured ingredients: shea butter, green tea extract, panthenol, and bergamot essential oil.
Price: $9/ 60g

2. Ananau Hand Cream
Its texture is semi-solid; when warmed by hands, it becomes creamy and deeply moisturizes your hands. It protects damaged or dry skin and has a light physical sun protection factor free of nanoparticles.

Featured ingredients: shea butter, almond oil, Jasmine essential oil.
Price: $12.5/ 50g

3. La Chinata Hand and Nail Cream
It is a natural beauty product with a formula that concentrates a high moisturizing power. As for its texture, it is delightful and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin.

Featured ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, natural glycerin, keratin, olive extract.
Price: $12.9/ 75ml

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