Recommendation for Moving Crew, moving company

We have used different moving companies three times here in Cuenca.

First, the good news, they all tried to do a good job and had competent, skilled, and friendly crew members.

Nonetheless, we were most pleased with the company we used for our last move.

Here’s why we liked them:

1) A very reasonable price (lower than the first two moves).
2) A larger truck meant that everything was moved in one truck load. This cut down on the complexity and sped up the process.
3) A larger crew moved things along quickly.
4) The truck was covered. When it rains, tarps help, but they are not sufficient.

So our choice in movers is: Moving Crew.

Do a google search for “movingcrew cuenca” to see their website.

Address: Don Bosco, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 400 1020

Recommended by Marcus Jennings: