Words of Wisdom from Pájaro y Bestia

Saturday was remarkable. Rain, gloomy weather, and yet we still sold out of ribs and Gumbo. Most surprising was the Ecuadorian response to our Gumbo. They love it more than the Gringos. So be early with your food reservations.

No Gumbo this week. More soon.

In response to a specific customer request, this week there will be the return of Apple Oink Sandwich. Pork loin cooked with a savory coffee rub, then layered into a sandwich with pickled apples, cooked apples, spinach, and basil mayo.
Let me say that again. Yum!

Come see us at the destination Barrio for the “Best in Cuenca”. Gran Colombia y Estévez de Toral.

Real Deal BBQ. Sé la bestia!!

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

La Bestia

098 321 8273 WhatsApp to reserve food or for delivery