U of Cuenca needs volunteers urgently

The Faculty of Hospitality Sciences (with campus location on Tarqui and Pio Bravo) urgently needs several native English-speaking volunteers. This involves facilitation (not teaching) of one-hour conversation groups of 5-7 students, the majority majoring in Tourism and a small group majoring in Gastronomy.

The commitment is for four sessions in total, one per month from March to June on the following dates: March 27-31, April 24-28, May 29-Jun 2, and June 26-30. If you want to work with more than one group, this would be very welcome. The program is managed by Profesora Ximena Orellana, who speaks fluent English.

You should be conscious of the need not speak not too fast, pronounce clearly and use accessible language. One requisite is vital: the absence of a pronounced (southern accent). Dealing with accents is just very hard and challenging for Ecuadorians…

Please respond urgently and Prof. Orellana will get in touch with you.

Many thanks,

Eric Fraterman: ericfraterman@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca