Creating a team

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First off, I am very elated to see that there are more than a few of you who have sent in resumes and descriptions for your abilities for this mystery team. Honestly you all have wonderful skills and I want to try to provide more information about the process so it doesn’t just sound like I’m collecting data and leaving you wondering why’d you send the information.

I would like to set a deadline so that everyone who has submitted isn’t sitting around waiting.

I will leave this invitation open until March 10th just to try and give more time for submissions in case there are more. After March 10th I will stop posting here and will begin to respond to individuals so that we may move into our next phase.

I look forward to more resumes and descriptions of your skills. If this is the first time seeing this post, please take a look at the Previous Post submitted for a better understanding of what I am referring to here:

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City: Cuenca